KOF 91 progress

old KOF 91 engine upgrades

in-game config, motif support, mp3 support, high resolutions modes, in line commands, 100% retro-compatible, menu screen, select screen, vs screen  

Mugen's compatibility



sections: options, video, sound, input  

    Mugen's formats

*.fnt , *.sff , *.snd (some bugs)  

    system.def, screenpacks

sections: files, music, title info, option info, Title BG, Option BG, Select Info, Select BG, Vs Info, Vs BG  


OK (except Bgs triggers)  


Nothing done  

Mugen's chars



Name, Display Name  


anim, pals, sprites  


Nothing done  


Nothing done  


Action struct, Animation element  


Act Loader OK, thanks to Lennart Steinke  

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