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    KOF 91 is a fighting engine, like an ancestor of MUGEN.
    Instead of MUGEN it's highly customizable (well less than MUGEN). But unlike MUGEN it's open sources, so everyone can help the developpement of this Engine and the project can't die (as long as developpers exists).
    As I know the original version was on Win32 by Moah, then was ported to Linux (FFE) by Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett, cleaned by Ricardo Leite Gonçalves , and more recent on GP32 by Thor

 There are patches called BRain but I don't know anything about as site is down, and in Brazilian. If I refer to KOF 91 sources Brain is almost include in Ricardo changes of KOF 91.
    Rickleite, author of Brain, still develop a new KOF 91 called KOF 2003 wich sources are on the official FFE site ( )
    Major problem is that players can't change their place, player one is always facing right and player two left. I'll try to fix it later, but don't expect it soon.
    For now I'm woking on Mugen's compatibility, with the final goal to make KOF 91 compatible with Mugen (well, that's just a goal).
Developers :
    To see how KOF 91 engine is develop in C with Allegro, what's done, what's left, documented sources... Take a look at the documentation.
Partially Mugen's compatible