Due to my un-realistic analyze of my free time, I must admit today that I could no longer support the developpement of KOF 91. I'm sorry but I quit the project and leave it un-achieved.
    If you want to take it back tu developp it, feel free to contact me.

    After a long break (Mugen Site Maker, another project related to KOF 91) I've started working again on KOF 91. The binary wasn't updated but as soon as another unstable version will bebuild, I'll do it.
    Next version will still not be playable but will have lots of improvements.

    My apologises... It seems that the packages uploaded on Sourceforge were corrupted. New packages will comes for the new version (in a few months).
    I'm taking a little break from KOF 91, with a little project called 'Mugen Site Maker'.

    Beta 1.49 : In fight game (but no control, sorry). Warning : Pure KOF 91 mode is crashing wait 1.51 for in fight game with old KOF 91 chars only.
    To test Mugen's compatibilty use motif support (kof91.exe -r mugen ; for exemple) or copy kof91.exe,kof91.cfg and alleg41.dll in you mugen directory.
What's new :
At a glance
- Full Mugen's char support in select screen
- Improved Mugen's compatibility for sff loading
- Fight_fx (lock, wimpact, simpact, bimpact) could be in the 'motif' directory
- KOF 91 Characters directory could be in the 'chars' directory (Mugen's mode)
- New release packages with full datas (binary + dats)
- Fixed Vs screen bug that hide p2 name in KOF 91 mode
- Added the screenshot function : press F12 for a screenshot
- Stability increased
- Speed up Select screen (chars number independant)
- Show collision boxes
- Show Mugen's bg
- Show selected players during battle (in stand anim only)

    Site update : Project doc updated.
    Info : With the help of 'Reverse Nut' from the Mugen Fighter Guild I've fixed some bugs in the sff loader, so next beta will show much more Mugen's stuff.

    Beta 1.47 : Still no 'in fight'.
What's new :
At a glance :
- Added default system's fonts it's not defined in system.def file
- vs.pcx autoload for KOF 91 Vs screen
- Begin Mugen Select.def support
- Begin Mugen's char support (after Vs screen only)

    Beta 1.45 : My appologises, no 'in fight game' anymore. Still buggy, also.
What's new :
At a glance :
- Mugen's select screen support
- Mugen's VS screen support
- All choices are selectables (even if they don't work like Mugen, and some crash on Windows)
- Added the alignement of fonts in the choice menu
- Change the '-s' option into '-st' option to keep '-s' for stages

Code :
- New code for select screen
- Fixed the act_loader function
- New KOF 91 select process code
- Added the system font0 in the loading, showing functions
- Compiled with Allegro WIP 4.1.16
- Fixed the keyconfig bug


    Opening the official KOF 91 project on Sourceforge. Source documentation is made with Doxygen.

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